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What you can do

How you can support Africa BEECause and the work that we do

As a registered charity BEECause Gambia is reliant on funding from our partner organisations and donations from members of the public to fund our work, premises and staff wages.


BEECause Gambia is keen to hear from anyone interested in volunteering at our headquarters, Kumoo Kunda, Abuko.

Make a donation

This section is primarily addressed to individual donors. BEECause also seeks grants from selected funders, such as charitable trusts and international aid agencies, eg UNDP. We apply to one prospective source of funding at a time for each project or activity. There is no duplication.

BEECause respects the trust placed in us by individual donors. All the money donated will be used in The Gambia.

Each project and activity is planned, costed and budgeted – Bill, the finance trustee/director sees to that! Of course plans cannot always be put into action as intended but we account for variations.

What your money could buy:

The following gives an idea of what can be bought with different levels of donation.

·       £15 can buy one Kenyan top bar bee hive (KTB), which can produce eight litres of honey and 1½ kilos of beeswax

·       £25 will finance a five day residential beekeeping training course for one person

·       £30 can buy a bee kit comprising bee suit, boots, gloves, smoker and hive tool

·       £150 can pay for a 10 KTB apiary, the produce of which can support a family of four for six months and which should pay for itself within 18 months

·       £1500 would enable a bee reserve to be established and operated until it became self-financing

·       £2500 would renovate and equip the remaining building at Kumoo Kunda as a processing room, store, office and trainee/volunteer accommodation.


We have set up an arrangement with Virgin Money Giving to accept donations on our behalf. These are eligible for Giftaid.

Please click here to visit our page – we are very grateful for any and every donation.

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