Who we are

Read BEECause Gambia's strategic priorities and understand what we do to promote beekeeping and reverse climate change in The Gambia.

After a 10 year residency in Lamin, BEECause Gambia’s headquarters is “Kumoo Kunda or KK”, (Mandinka for home of bees), in Abuko Nature Reserve, Kombo West.

At KK, BCG runs beekeeping training programmes and events, trials methods/techniques and equipment, and operates the market support and development programme which encourages production by guaranteeing a market for good quality products. Horticulture training and habitat conservation together with ongoing field support (subject to funding) are carried out in the communities.

Bees are most active during the dry season, between November and June. Bees produce less honey during the rainy season because Honey is hydroscopic and cannot be stored in combs during the rainy season, July to October. Colonies reduce to worker bees and all honey produced is consumed. BCG is encouraging all-the-year-round growing of suitable bee pollinated crops, particularly vegetables, to support the maximum health of bee populations and honey production.

Sources of funding

Like most small NGOs, BEECause is reliant on external funding. Most project grants are for periods of 12-18 months and are obtained competitively from international funders. The goal is that BCG core organisation will become self-financing through trading products community of organisations and individuals it has trained, but it will continue to be dependent on grants for major projects.)

The future

The urgent need is for BCG and other development organisations in similar fields of activity is to upscale their activities substantially.  Current social and economic conditions combined with climate change represent a daunting challenge. Population growth nearing 3%, extreme poverty, lack of natural resources means that the work of all environmentally and ecologically motivated organisations is ever more important.

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